Legal Notice

Any person or entity who has a legal right can issue a legal notice. This includes individuals, companies, and government bodies. A legal notice is a formal communication sent by one party to another, informing them of their legal rights and obligations. It is a pre-litigation step that is taken to resolve disputes without going to court.

Drafting & Conveyancing (Wills & Deeds)

We Provide services of Drafting, which involves preparing Legal Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Joint Development Agreements, Contracts for individual and for Companies, Start-up Deed, Sale Deed, Gift Deed, Lease Deed, Partnership Deed, Settlement Deed, Trust Deed, Will, Power of Attorney (POA), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Memorandum of Settlement, Non- Disclosure Agreement and other Contracts and Agreements.

Title Tracing

We assist Property Buyers for title tracing, which is a process of verifying the legal ownership of a property and determining any defects in the title of the property. It is a process of checking and verifying property documents for ascertaining the legal ownership of property.

Legal Opinion

We Provide Legal Opinion which is a formally expressed advice based on expert knowledge of the professional lawyers. It’s a written document usually prepared at the request of a client where lawyers state their understanding of legal provisions in relation to the actual circumstances of a particular case. It is assumed that the party to whom the legal opinion was issued in the form of Legal Opinion has the right to rely on the advice contained in this document.