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Justice is not served until the truth is heard, the wrongs are righted, and the innocent are set free.

~Ms. Ankeeta Sadekar

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About Ms. Ankeeta Sadekar

Ms. Ankeeta Sadekar, the driving force behind A. L. SADEKAR LAW CHAMBERS, commenced her legal journey with a LL.B degree from V. M Salgaocar’s College of Law in Miramar, Panaji-Goa.​ After her academic endeavors, Ms. Sadekar embarked on her career as a Criminal Defense Advocate, subsequently branching into civil practice. Her initial years were marked by appearances before District Courts, Sessions Courts, and various Quasi-Judicial Authorities across Goa.

Ms. Sadekar's legal journey took a significant turn when she relocated to Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Since then, she has been practicing law before the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka, Civil Court, Criminal Court, Family Court, and a wide array of Quasi-Judicial Authorities and Tribunals.

Ankeeta Sadekar, a First-Generation Lawyer, has cultivated a passion for specializing exclusively in Civil and Criminal law. Her unique strength as a litigator lies in her ability to understand both plaintiff and defendant perspectives, allowing her to work towards equitable outcomes.

Ankeeta is renowned for her courtroom advocacy and client-centered approach. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' defense transcends mere case outcomes. She is dedicated to efficient issue resolution, minimizing stress and conflict while fiercely advocating for her clients when required.

Empowering Clients for the Future

Ms. Sadekar firmly believes in empowering her clients through informed decision-making throughout the legal process. Her aim is to help clients establish a solid foundation for their future, allowing them to move forward with confidence. Her practice exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism and a client's well-being.


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